Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my little blog.I've been a blog fan for many years though have just been brave enough to start my own.I love all crafts and enjoying browsing blogs for inspiration.
I love making things to imrove my home and make my kids happy.
Please browse my blog and comment as you so wish.I'm known for losing my mojo and leaving products unfinished.If you think i need a kick up the bum please do so .
Enjoy reading :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Well this is it!!!! My re-launch. I have decided craft has to have a part in my daily timetable.I am fed up with grabbing a few minutes here and there and accomplishing nothing.I have so much I want to finish and this weekend is going to be the start. My daughter is off to Brownie camp and my son has plans to party with friends.I'm off now to get my housework done so I can craft all weekend.So keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled as I WILL be back with before and after photos.


  1. Ooooh congratulations on your new blog! Well done.