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Welcome to my little blog.I've been a blog fan for many years though have just been brave enough to start my own.I love all crafts and enjoying browsing blogs for inspiration.
I love making things to imrove my home and make my kids happy.
Please browse my blog and comment as you so wish.I'm known for losing my mojo and leaving products unfinished.If you think i need a kick up the bum please do so .
Enjoy reading :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire weekend!

What did you do?
Well I didn't go to any organised displays.The kids were at their dad's so they went out with him.I set my sewing machine up and opened the blinds to watch the displays from varying neighbours gardens.I have to say although I 'm terrified of private parties and wayward fireworks.There were some impressive fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what projects did I manage to finish this weekend??

It all started like this.My friend Lindsay had kindly made me some storage tubs to store my fabric and wool.She'd helped me cut out the fabric and wadding to make another then disaster struck! My needle broke and I had no spares.So 3 weeks on, a replacement needle and I was all set.I started by sewing the lining.Lovely blue gingham.

next came the main fabric and wadding.Have to say I found it quite difficult to keep a straight line and also stop the wadding from getting stuck in the foot.
Finally it began to look like a tub.Not a perfect rectangle though hehe.
I popped the lining in and made a band around the top.Again I found this quite difficult, especially to stop it puckering. But finally..................................................
a fabric tub.A wonky fabric tub but it does what it's meant too and I finished something!

I was on a roll so back into my project basket I went and came across this.

Another printed kit, given to inspire me to sew. Out came this scissors and all the bits were cut ready to sew.
I tried my best to keep my sewing online but oh my it was soooo difficult.

Here's Rosie! She's turned out a little wonky and was a bit disheveled after being turned right side out, but after a quick iron I got down to the stuffing straight away. Her dress was the biggest nightmare ever.It's a reversable dress and I just couldn't work out the instructions on how to sew it together.So I gave up and went to my sisters for a drink and Indian takeaway...and why not!
Because of the frustration of not getting things right I forgot to take photo's but a good nights sleep and I was straight back to Rosie.

Here she is.I'm doing very well keeping hold of her as my daughter thinks she will look lovely sat on her bed.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's official!!!

I am rubbish at hand sewing.I have tried and tried to improve my needle skills but it's just not happening :(

Inspired by Kirsties applique in last nights chanel 4 show I thought I'd make something to fill and empty frame...................and here it is.........

I tried my best but just couldn't get the butterfly shape correct.I do like my buttons though hehe.

Think I will stick with my knitting and crochet in future!!!!!!!!!!!!