Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my little blog.I've been a blog fan for many years though have just been brave enough to start my own.I love all crafts and enjoying browsing blogs for inspiration.
I love making things to imrove my home and make my kids happy.
Please browse my blog and comment as you so wish.I'm known for losing my mojo and leaving products unfinished.If you think i need a kick up the bum please do so .
Enjoy reading :)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Yay kids back to school today which means as a childminder my10 hour shifts of last week are long gone.Today I had before school and after school sessions only.So the question was.........What should I do? Paperwork?...............................................................

No way!!! I decided to look for another project to complete, so into my stash I went and came across this
I am a very reluctant sewer.My lovely friend Lindsay encourages me frequently to try new things.This kit was brought home from a trip to America.It would be a shame for it to sit in my basket any longer.So I unwrapped it,cut out the printed pieces and got to work.First came the pockets.

Then I had to sew them into place, one on the front and the other on the back.

I sewed the 2 bits of apron together.I was seriously impressed at how good it was looking.

Then came the ric rac.I've never done ric rac before so pinned it onto the front of the apron and just went for it!

and the finished item.This is the front.

and this is the back.

What do you think.I love it and I'm so proud that I actually finished it.I think my sister would love it as a christmas present don't you?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good morning everyone.I hope you remembered to put your clocks back and make the most of your extra hour.I have! I was up early and decided not to tidy up first but to get on with yet another unfinished project.I've been recovering a sofa cushion for months now.It's for my daughters bedroom.with her being away this weekend i promised to have it finished by the time she came back.

This is it as i'd left it,
a bit of work to be done!

First I crocheted the pieces together so they covered the top.The plan was to knit the side panels and then use fleece to cover the bottom.I haven't managed to knit the sides so instead of waiting and putting off I decided fleece would just have to do.

I measured, cut and pinned the sides before sewing them to the crocheted pieces.

Then did the same with the bottom, making it like an envelope cushion cover.Then came the exciting bit of sewing it all together and hoping I had got things right.

So what do you think? do you think she will like it.I don't think it matters that the sides haven't been knitted.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

I'm back and I've finished something!!!! Can you believe it??? do you wanna see???? well here we go.....................

this is how I'd left it .......any ideas?

Starting to look like anything?

Here she is my lovely russian doll.Thank you to Lucy over at Attic24 for introducing me to them.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Well this is it!!!! My re-launch. I have decided craft has to have a part in my daily timetable.I am fed up with grabbing a few minutes here and there and accomplishing nothing.I have so much I want to finish and this weekend is going to be the start. My daughter is off to Brownie camp and my son has plans to party with friends.I'm off now to get my housework done so I can craft all weekend.So keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled as I WILL be back with before and after photos.